And His Wife


Parents of Rufina Sprick

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Fred (my father) was born November 19, 1891, the son of John F. and Amelia Klingsick.  Fred was born on a farm south of New Haven, Missouri. A premature baby, he was baptized a few hours after birth in his parents home and named Johan Heinrich Frederick.  Later in life he claimed the name of Fred J.

He grew to young manhood in the New Haven vicinity. He attended school at Maupin and also Port Hudson where he was confirmed and remained a faithful member all his life.  In his early youth he worked on his father's farm and also in Nebraska as a farm hand.

On April 21, 1919, he married Adela D. Dierking (born June 25, 1895) in the home of her parents at Casco, Missouri. They lived for a few months near Campbellton, Missouri, and then moved in with his parents and took over farming his father's farm.

His grandmother also made her home with them until her death, as did his parents until their death. Four children were born to Fred and Adela and at one time four generations were living in the six room house on Highway 185 near Lyon, Mo.

In 1949 they sold their 111 acre farm which his father purchased for $2,000 in the 1910. Fred and Adela sold the farm to Otto Walkenhorst and wife and Herman Scheer and wife for $7,500 in July, 1949.  They then moved to 7th and Stafford Streets in Washington, Missouri. Fred began employment at the Buescher Pipe Factory from 19119 to January 1, 1970.

On November 1.11, 1962, his wife Adela passed away at the St. Francis Hospital, the results of a gall bladder operation. He remained at his home on 7th & Stafford till September, 1964, when he sold his home and lived with his son Marvin J. and Viola in a mobile home he purchased and placed next door to them on Highway A south of Washington. He lived there until his death on April 27, 1972.

He passed away at St. Francis Hospital after surgery for gall bladder on April 25, 1972. His sudden death resulted of heart failure on  April 27, 1972.  He was buried on April 30, 1972 at Port Hudson Lutheran Cemetery.

To Fred and Adela four children were born - Adelina, Marvin, Rufina (Toots) and Virgil.