Monterey and Carmel, Nov 2000



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The BEST place to stay in Monterey!

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Fisherman's Wharf, Marina, Old Monterey, Happy Craft Show Shoppers

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Crafts on the Plaza, Museum, Original Adobe Bldg, The Wharf (Chowder in a bread bowl!)

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Point Pinion Lighthouse in Pacific Grove (Still Operates), Cypress Tree

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The Lone Cypress in Pebble Beach

(Most photographed tree in the USA)


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The Pacific Coast



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Happy Shoppers in Carmel, Carmel Stores & Galleries, Patio Dining

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More Carmel Shops, Hotels, and Happy Shoppers

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Carmel Beach from South End

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Street we lived on for 6 months in Carmel.  Beach is half a block to the right.  Old house is gone - Yellow house on right built in it's place.

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Quaint Carmel Home, Cypress Tree, Lee Ann & Collyn


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